Friday, 23 December 2016

Wilshere likes nothing more than to rattle Chelsea

Jack is ready to give his very best against Chelsea.
If you have been reading some of the press around Sunday's game against Chelsea you can't have missed the comments of why Jack Wilshere would be pleased to end the Blue's 11 game unbeaten run. His desire to do Arsenal a favour could be a big factor in how he plays, but Chelsea will also be very aware of his abilities and will not give Jack an easy game.

For Jack to influence matters more in the game he will need time on the ball and plenty of movement ahead of him. It may be wishful thinking that he can get in a position himself to have a go at goal, but he has shown this season how strong he is at carrying the all out of defence, and holding off challenges while making progress into the opposition's half. He plays the game especially well around the opposition's box, and I recall in the Southampton game how both  my good friend Damien Hill, who sits next to me, and myself purred over the way he just let the ball run across him, without touching it and changed direction himself, to leave defenders looking at thin air. He is so confident and positive on the ball that I'd like the Bournemouth players to give him the ball more often, in that central position, where he can take a strike.


I'm sure Wilshere will get plenty of stick from the Stamford Bridge lot. I can imagine that it would be sweet for Jack to get his first AFCB goal though in this fixture. He is entering probably the most import six months of his career now as it depends on what he achieves before May as to whether he stays at Arsenal or moves on. There is a little bit of me that thinks the Cherries might be in his thoughts after May, but he could play for pretty much any of the top four sides, or even move abroad and get a better pay day. AFCB would need to sign some big names to make Jack feel like it was worth him extending his time on the south coast. It's been a good move for him to play regularly, but AFCB fans will only see at the end of the season how fortunate the club has been to have his services for a season. How do you replace a player like Jack? 

He may be Arsenal through and through, but I've enjoyed being able to see him at work up close, and I'd like to think Jack wants to win at Chelsea first because he is playing for Bournemouth - a side that has worked hard to get to this level.

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