Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Has Steve Cook put in a request for the number 9 shirt yet?

When it comes to defenders scoring goals it is usual for big centre-backs to get the odd headed goal or a tap in from time to time, but just how good is Steve Cook in and around the box. His finish against Liverpool for AFCB's third goal was not only exemplary for the precise way he volleyed it home, but the original pull down and take, and then that turn was magnificent. To control the ball so well when it was behind him and passing him at speed was sensational - he shouldn't have been able to bring it under control.
Is Steve Cook getting bored of his number three shirt?
We have seen many splendid goals from Steve Cook over the years. We probably remember the bicycle kick against Ipswich the most, and there was also that fabulous hit against Fulham in the Championship as well. But this latest goal was better in my opinion than the others and that is saying something. By the time Cook retires he is going to have a fantastic collection of videos and many a striker will be quite envious of some of his goals.

What I like about Steve is that he is not afraid to have a go. The goal against Liverpool came as he wanted to contribute and to do something positive after the match against Arsenal. He gambled and it came off. But more than that he even made the winning goal as well with his decision to find space and hit a shot with his weaker foot. He'll probably get a lot of stick about his attempts to try and snatch the man of the match performance away from Ryan Fraser, but I think this will also rank as Steve Cook's most favourite game when the season comes to an end.

The sheer thrill of scoring is always celebrated in fine style by Steve and on Sunday you could tell what it meant to him when he roared his emotions of joy out. He also orchestrated the crowd just before the final goal for his long throws and he knows that the noise at Dean Court has a massive hand in building pressure on the opposition. I don't know about you but my voice is only just coming back!

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  1. Someone should put together a compilation video of Steves goals, rarely see him scored a tap in.