Friday, 30 December 2016

Is AFCB match Swansea's last chance saloon?

Although Swansea's board has removed Bob Bradley this week, the position that the club is in is still very dire and the right appointment will need to be made for a sharp impact on performances. Whether Swansea see an initial boost from the match against Bournemouth or not, it will be difficult for them to pull back this season without building some unity with the fans and the new man they appoint.
Swansea have seen a lot of departures since last time
the two sides met at the Liberty Stadium.
There is usually a bounce factor with new managers and AFCB will be perhaps taking on a Swansea team that is still in caretaker manager mode when the two sides meet. Bob Bradley is not the cause of Swansea's problems, the root of it is at the top, Bradley was just a consequence of that. If they manage to pick a seasoned and energetic character to install some life into the Swans though, they have enough six pointer games to get themselves out of trouble. 

But games like that against AFCB would be one where they will need to pick up points you would think but how damaging a home defeat to the Cherries would be is difficult to say. If they get a manager who can stimulate them, they are only two wins away from getting out of the bottom three. Swansea City players may well have been accused of throwing in the towel already, but I am sure that the players have more pride than that. AFCB will have to be fully-focussed to get a result as they will be playing a team that is really hurting now and its already manifested itself n a change of manager. That will have been their low point and they will be looking to move forward and upwards now.

AFCB have to match Swansea's energy from the very start and most not let them dictate. If things start to go wrong for the Swans it could be a bleak afternoon for them with little else that they may see as a possible fix, having already disposed of two managers this season. Whether it is the last chance saloon for Swansea or not, AFCB need to find some form as well or they could find that teams below them start to target their position as the run-in begins.

Swansea Home Form

AFCB Away Form

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