Saturday, 24 December 2016

AFCB know Chelsea have match winners even without Costa

Chelsea are not top of the table for nothing. They don't rely just on one player to do the business. Yes, Diego Costa has scored most of the goals having netted 13, but he has a pretty strong supply route and even without him Michy Batshuayi will be keen to get a rare start.
Chelsea can even play badly and win games 1-0 this season.
More of a worry than Batshuayi though is Eden Hazard. He looks a totally different player again from last season and he is ripping teams up. That will be a problem that Charlie Daniels will have to try and solve and I imagine there may be a good amount of doubling up on Hazard. Of course hat creates spaces elsewhere, and this is going to be a hard game for the likes of Arter and Wilshere who will have to do more covering than usual one would suspect. 

The pace of Pedro has already been a prospect that teams have not dealt well with this season. He has a real appetite to make defenders have to turn and catch him and he picks intelligent positions up, while not being the most powerful of forwards. What he can do is finish.

N'Golo Kanté could be a bigger loss for Chelsea than Costa in this game. While Chelsea have goal scorers they don't have many with such a good engine as Kanté. Cesc Fabregas is probably who Conte will turn to and  he has had a few minutes under his belt to be ready for this game now.
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It's funny how David Luiz is always seen as the villain and yet this season he has been more of a hero at Stamford Bridge and seems well at home. He can also hit some special free-kicks and the Cherries will have to be mindful of making too many wild challenges around their own box. 

Chelsea's in-form player though has to be César Azpilicueta who has been stunning crowds with his range of passing and accuracy.

The home form of Chelsea is pretty impressive too!

Chelsea Home Form

AFC Away Form

In other news, Rico Seitz has been appointed as an AFCB director while John O’Neill has stepped down from the Board at AFCB

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