Wednesday, 7 December 2016

AFCB were out of Liverpool game at half time

Eddie Howe admitted that AFCB were flat in the first half. They could not get in the game and there was a real possibility that Liverpool could have posted a very big score against AFCB. These are thin margins and it is always simple to look at the end result and thinking great we have won, but Eddie Howe must also consider how close the side was to being beaten out of side. It won't be the second half that will be played so much in the training rooms at AFCB, it is that first half against Liverpool when very little went right for the Cherries.

I'm pleased of course that AFCB won the game and did it in such a dramatic way. Yet, there are real things that AFCB and Eddie Howe didn't get right. Adam Smith was exposed at left back and struggled to work out how to stop Clyne and Mané racing past him, while on the other side even the experience of Simon Francis was not enough to keep James Milner from running riot in the opening minutes of the game.
It wasn't looking to good as AFCB and Liverpool went in at the break.
Many have pointed at Artur Boruc for the goals that went in during the first half, but I put them more down to poor communication more than anything else. Centre backs and goalkeepers need to shout when they feel they can or can't get to the ball and with no calls it simply leaves things open for attackers to grab the initiative. The second goal was a little more strange in that Artur really didn't need to come racing out as early as he did, but his decision was probably influenced by his decision not to come out quickly for Mané's opening goal. You can't win some times as a keeper. You have to make instant decisions and you are not going to get them all right.

It was an amazing goal by Origi in the end for that second Liverpool goal. He had great composure to score from such an angle and at pace with Steve Cook also running back to try and cover the goal. At 0-2 it was just a matter of how many were Liverpool going to score. They were more powerful and faster to every ball. Arter and Gosling were almost spectators and unable to influence the game as Liverpool were pushing attacks down the wings and over the top.

It was quite something for AFCB to turn things around straight away at the start of the second half, but it will be very important for the rest of the season that they did. Now they see themselves in the top half of the table again, and that was not looking very likely at all at 2.15pm last Sunday when AFCB were 0-2 down. 


  1. There will need to be changes to keep Ake in the side and maybe now some of the new signings will get a chance.

    If Daniels is not fit then Ake can play at left back....if Daniels is fit then he goes into midfield instead of Gosling.

    I think its time to play Afobe and Wilson together..King to drop down..and Fraser has to play with Stanislaus it time to give Mings some playing time.......another vital game on saturday...its a half glass syndrome..three points and we could get up to 8th ..if only we could have won against Sunderland.....

  2. Having seen the replay the ball only clears Mane by a few inches so Boruc could only decide to come or not when it had cleared him. This did not give him time to come at all, but it probably played on his mind for the second one.