Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Have you noticed things look different around Dean Court?

I always like to get down to Dean Court early on Match Days when I can. I guess I get hooked on the thought of walking up the path to the stadium and just taking in the atmosphere. Last Sunday though was a bit unusual. The path was still there and the TV lorries were already getting ready for the big game and the barriers were up near the main entrance. What I took a double take at though was the pre-match supporters area near the Family stand entrance and the North stand.
Drinks any one? The new outside drinks area was a hit.
The area was all set up not only with the big scree for watching clips of previous games and pre-match videos but there was a mobile bar area all cordoned off, even though I wondered how many people would be able to fit inside the barriers when the place is usually thronging with people just before kick off. Sure enough, come an hour before kick off I was back looking to see how popular the fan park was and it was absolutely packed with many fans partaking of a pre-match drink or two. I wondered if the cold would have put people off hanging around too much, but it certainly didn't. The 1910 Club was also packed as I had been up there earlier sitting by the stage as there was no seating left. If I we haven't been told enough times, it is becoming abundantly clear that Dean Court is almost bursting at the seams on Match Day.
Shame the seats were not heated for cold days, but they looked comfy.
Inside the ground I see there were a few more surprises. The dugouts had changed colour - in fact they were completely new with black Marshall BMW sponsored seats and black frames with single stem chairs for the players and coaches to park themselves on. I hadn't realised that the club had also spent out on a new pitch until I looked across to the East stand. The SISGrass hybrid system was absolutely perfect and with the World looking in on the game I pondered how fantastic AFC Bournemouth is now even from just five years ago. What a place to come and watch football - we are so lucky.

I was still most looking forward to seeing AFCB take on Liverpool and while I have always liked the Merseyside Reds, it had become a little all to often that they had put a few goals past the Cherries in front of the TV cameras. I didn't entertain too many hopes of AFCB hammering them but I had my fingers crossed for a win and to see what unfolded on the day was just another magical day that I am so pleased to have seen. That's what I like about AFCB, these days - you just don't know what is going to happen next.

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  1. Hi Peter! Lovely description of what's going on at our great club. It's so exciting and, yes, we are so lucky! Don't spos any of us will forget that fabulous Liverpool day. Warm glow every time we think about it. Burnley next. Yay! Anne and Andy (the ones you were with at the Emirates!)