Thursday, 22 November 2018

Bournemouth are getting out fought in their own box

It is apparent that Bournemouth can defend very well at times and have managed a number of clean sheets already this season. However, in the games against Man United and Newcastle we have seen an inability to win challenges when the ball is pumped into their box. It is almost as if a panic sets in and the defenders fail to find a way of clearing the ball when opposition players are hoping for the ball to fall to them.
Begovic isn't always getting the protection he needs.
Against Newcastle United, the defenders didn't have much of a chance to get to RondΓ³n. But they didn't anticipate that the ball was going to him with the cross for the first goal, and when Begovic pushed the ball back to the striker it was harder for him to miss than to score.

There is a lack of decisiveness in and around the penalty box at times when Bournemouth just need to take no risks and get the ball away. The reaction to danger seems a little slow at times and it is strange because on days when the team get clean sheets you don't see them dither at all.
Eddie Howe may well be more annoyed that crosses are coming in too frequently. There is a bit of a problem in closing players down when out wide. As good as Bournemouth's attacking play has been, it is noticeable that they have shipped four goals in the last two games and they were goals that all came from crosses.

Let's hope we see a bit more fight to stop the crosses and clear the box in the next match. It's no longer set pieces that tend to trip AFCB up, but preventing crosses.

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