Monday, 26 November 2018

No magic comeback against the Arsenal for Cherries

Bournemouth have often been praised for their comebacks at Dean Court. There was the possibility of another on Sunday against Arsenal, having already got the score back to 1-1, but the second half against Arsenal did not build to a big finish with Bournemouth grabbing a late equaliser and perhaps the energy just fell away a little in this big game.
Eddie Howe looks back on a home defeat.
While Bournemouth have only had one success against Arsenal in previous Premier League meetings, this match was an opportunity to land three points or at least a draw, when looking at the players Arsenal sent out onto the field. Looking at no Lacazette in the team, and Ozil on the bench, AFCB's players should have been excited at the prospect of a win, but they didn't have quite the same tigerish attitude to get at Arsenal like they had done with Man Utd.

Still, Bournemouth battled and tried to take the fight to Arsenal. Lerma was everywhere and yet his energy didn't rub off on others. While Begovic looked fairly comfortable, he couldn't do anything about the goals that beat him. It would be down to AFCB's attackers to get something from the game, but I felt both Wilson and Fraser had relatively quiet games by their standards. Perhaps that is to be expected after the busy weeks that they have had on international duty, and something that we are going to have to get used to as fans.

Mounting comebacks takes a lot of effort, and I wondered if Stanislas would be the man that would add that spark when he came on. Junior couldn't deliver a hefty blow though this time even if he might have done right at the end, or with an earlier chance when he couldn't sort his feet out quickly enough to hit a powerful shot.

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