Monday, 12 November 2018

Why couldn't Cherries get up for Newcastle game?

Bournemouth had no trouble in starting well against Fulham away from home or Watford, but against Burnley and more recently Newcastle United they have been far from their best. It is hard to know exactly why? It is possible that the players were still stuck in the moment of having lost to Man Utd at home. After all it was a cruel last minute defeat. But Bournemouth didn't get their game on any kind of level near the attacking zeal they have shown this season against Newcastle.
Bournemouth lost their way at Newcastle.
Bournemouth were flat and did not get their passing going with any tempo. It was a kind of performance when they players looked in on themselves rather than expressing themselves and I think there is a mental preparation that needs to be addressed by Eddie Howe in how he sends the team out. In these games against opponents where AFCB are expected to do well, the Cherries find reasons to play without confidence and yet they are the same players. They have to find a way of taking their game with the same passion they do against the big sides to the lower sides in the league.

I don't expect Bournemouth to have any problems in getting up for the games against Arsenal and Man City in coming weeks, but while Bournemouth have the game to compete against the best they have not found a way of being consistent. If teams near the bottom can roll Bournemouth over at times then more motivation has to be found to take these games more seriously.

You can't just turn up and expect to win in the Premier League. Bournemouth have to get fired up some way or another and I just wonder if playing Newcastle away just didn't get the Cherries truly fired up enough. Some credit has to be given to Newcastle as well as their wing play, and RondΓ³n's power was too much for Bournemouth.


  1. One reason: IBE. Last chance just went, did not perform. Missed 3 opportunities to score. Slows the team down. Out on loan at the least, cut losses and move Ibe on, for his sake and ours. Wish Adam Smith a quick recovery. Maybe Ake as LB if Rico not up to it and bring in Mings for the height. Now beaten on height for the last 2 goals, no coincidence.

  2. There was a certain inevitability when Sky pundits went 3 to 1 for a Bournemouth win, with 1 for a draw. There is a psychological trait, (well known to hedge fund managers) where we tend to assign too great a probability from recent, short term trends. And we see this error time and again from football pundits.
    The reality is that there is very little to choose between about eight or ten teams, although I feel AFCB play better football and have more routes to goal than the others. But most of these games are on fine margins and it is possible some complacency can creep in subconsciously. In fact, Simon Francis admitted as much following the away defeat to Huddersfield last season.