Thursday, 1 November 2018

Fraser is like a busy bee swarming all over teams

The amount of times that Ryan Fraser gets knocked down and gets up again perhaps suggests that we should attribute Chumbawamba's 'I get knocked down' lyrics to the Wee man. He took another battering against Fulham, but it was Kevin MacDonald who was doing the walk of shame in the second half once Fraser had run him ragged.
Fraser tops the assists chart of the Premier League.
Fraser is a bundle of energy and he doesn't know when to stop which is great for the team. He is becoming a match winner these days and his passing has also gone up a level with his assists. Ryan was quite annoyed at Fulham not to get a penalty decision after Wilson had already won a penalty. He looked up at Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall with his arms held up wondering why he had got nothing having been dumped in the hoardings.

What I find amazing about Fraser is that he just brushes himself down and gets on with it. He was the perfect recipient to get hold of Callum Wilson's strained pass on the half way line to expose Fulham with his pace. He also read David Brooks run in his head and knew precisely when and with what weight that he had to play the pass into Brooks' stride for him to score. No wonder Fraser is top of the assists' table in the Premier League.


Whether Fraser can keep playing on the shoulder of the last defender and continue his impressive start we will have to see. He has this slightly worrying hamstring injury that he is managing, and yet he played a good 40 minutes against Norwich and still looked the best outfield player on the pitch to me. 

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