Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Josh King can net over 15 goals this season

Like many Bournemouth fans, I was pleased to see Josh King's name on the team sheet for the Arsenal match. He works incredibly hard and is like having an extra man on the pitch. He has not had much time to train, but he has not lost his knack of scoring great goals.
King is hungry for more goals.
To score against Arsenal is usually the reserve of Callum Wilson. The ball didn't really fall for Callum though in this recent match like it did for Josh. What I was impressed with is that when Brooks made the pass to set king up for Bournemouth's goal, it was clear that King was going to hit the target. King just thrives on being given the ball early and has confidence that he can make a shot that will make the keeper work.

While Bournemouth have scored in their previous match against Newcastle and Man Utd, the team needs both King and Wilson to be getting among the goals if AFCB are going to get into the top 10 this season. I don't see either Callum or Josh minding too much who is top dog if they both get over 15 goals or more this season. I would expect Josh to may be get there first though, if he remains on penalty duties. One stat that Josh now has with this latest goal is 35 Premier League goals in his four seasons which is 10 more than any other AFCB player and yes, Wilson is next on 25 goals.

While the team lost against Arsenal, Josh's personal game was fairly strong. He didn't do much wrong all game and he can take that into the Man City game feeling good about himself. The rest for the last few weeks could also do him and AFCB a lot of good with the heavy month of December now ahead of the players. These games can certainly put Josh well on the way to his goal target for this season.

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  1. Interesting , but really as a few fellow others will say , don't get the praise for King. He is not the player he was , loses the ball far to many times , never goes for a header, doesn't link up with Wilson that well,and his body language says a lot as he sulks and doesn't look that happy .