Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Lerma has to watch bookings

I was a bit concerned when Jefferson Lerma was first signed looking at his disciplinary record. He missed the first few games of the season and that gave him time to see the pace of the Premier League and the way bookings were swiftly handed out. But having picked up his first card against Everton, Jefferson added to that with cards against Leicester, Crystal Palace and Man Utd, which leave him just one booking away from a suspension. It is therefore really important that he tries his best not to get a silly booking against Newcastle with a home match against Arsenal to follow.
AFCB could do without missing Lema for Arsenal match.
Jefferson has been a key component of AFCB's stronger season. He has the physical presence in midfield that has stiffened the team's ability to stop opposition attacks quickly and set up AFCB's own counter attacks.

While Jefferson will find it hard to adapt his game, Howe will not want to find Lerma is banned for the Arsenal match I'm sure. But it is not in Howe's nature to make Lerma sit out the Newcastle game to protect him. So it will be down to Jefferson to keep his head. There is a good possibility that Lerma can be the dominant midfielder in the game and hopefully that will mean he doesn't have to over step the mark.

Lerma hasn't had to be overly aggressive in games and we have seen he can be quite a metronomic passer. But it's the tackling and blocking that he does that really sets him apart from the other players in my opinion. He senses danger well and it would be good if that kind of skill can be picked up by one or two other players in the team.

It would be disappointing to lose Jefferson for a top six game and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the Newcastle match.

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