Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Lerma shouldn't worry about his own goal

Jefferson Lerma has a week off now having picked up his fifth yellow card against Arsenal. He will be a big miss against Man City, but a rest might do him well having had a heavy schedule since coming to AFCB. What I hope he does not do is reflect on his own goal too deeply.
Jefferson was trying his best to defend when he scored Arsenal's oopening goal.
Lerma was unfortunate to steer his attempted clearance so precisely past Begovic in the Bournemouth goal for Arsenal to take the lead. I could not believe how well he connected with the ball and blasted it past Begovic. It was the kind of thing that you might expect to happen in training, once in a while, but in match situations you don't often see own goals hammered past your own keeper often.

Arriving late in the box is often seen as a good thing for attackers, but for defenders it cane lead to more problems with deflections and attempts to make a block. Lerma might easily have saved the day rather than score nine times out of 10, but he would probably have been impressed with himself if he had finished like that at the other end of the pitch as it was such a well struck shot.

At the end of the season, Lerma's goal will be one that the team look back on and will probably tease him about it. It would be too raw to do that now though. Jefferson gives everything in games, and it was great to hear the home crowd getting behind him. His performance was unaffected by the goal and he almost made up for it in the second half when he hit the post.

Hopefully, Lerma just relaxes by watching videos of Huddersfield Town and look to see how he can impose himself in that game. I wouldn't be surprised if we see an even bigger performance from him in that match, but hopefully no more own goals!

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