Monday, 19 November 2018

Simpson may have to consider loan move to get more games

I was pleased to se that Jack Simpson sign an extended contract that will see hime stay at AFCB until the summer of 2021. Having played against man City last season in the Premier League he has been unfortunate not to get more opportunities at that level, but he has played his part in the Carabao Cup and may get another go against Chelsea in December.
Jack Simpson needs to play games now.
Looking at AFCB's current defence it is hard to see how Jack can oust Steve Cook or Nathan AkΓ© at the moment, but if injuries do come then Jack will be one of those players that would be at least finding a seat on the bench you would think. Having seen Bailey Cargill have to move to Milton Keynes to get regular playing time it must be in Simpson's mind that he may have to look at a loan move at some point to gain the experience his game deserves.

Rangers were certainly interested in taking Jack in the last window and it would be hard for Howe to keep holding Jack back if he could play at a good level. Six months at a Championship team might help Jack to compete better for in a place in the Bournemouth team next season. But with Tyrone Mings and Simon Francis also looking to fill the centre-back positions, Jack is going to feel that appearances are tantalisingly close, but perhaps a tad out of reach at AFCB at the moment.

Playing for the U21s in the Premier League Cup is also good experience but I think Simpson is capable of more. We have been a bit short changed of seeing young Bournemouth payers make the grade to the Premier League side, but Jack has already proved he is more than able to hold his own at that level.

Last night Jack was called up to the England U21 squad for the first time.

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