Thursday, 10 October 2013

AFCB are doing just fine thank you

Eddie Howe has been quick to dispel the doubters in the crowds who feel that his team are not up to mixing it with any team in the Championship. It doesn't matter who the next game is against, Bournemouth will train and prepare to try and win the three points on offer. Playing their fluent passing game has perhaps left AFCB a bit open at times, but the team is winning many admirers from the opposition managers to pundits and rival supporters.

We all want to see Ritchie back on the pitch.

I am also hoping that Coulibaly can show us more of his trickery.

It's no surprise that I heard on the Football League show that AFCB are like the Peterbrough of old. The "we'll score one more than you," attitude if you will. There is no doubt that it is Eddie's philosophy to entertain and winning in style is currently very fashionable with supporters of the Cherries. Because the team has done so well in recent seasons we kind of expect to win with a bit of panache and while that is not easy in this league there are signs that the players can do this. They are looking up the league table and trying to get to the top. There's been no thoughts of mere survival in the league. The position of eighth at this particular time is a great credit to everyone.

You can see why Eddie Howe is eager for more points though. Many of the players he wants to play are still not available even if the bench did look stronger last time out. How much stronger can the Cherries get? We are about to find out how they do against some of the top sides in the next few weeks, but for the moment AFCB are doing very well thank you.


  1. I do feel the comparisons with Peterborough are a tad lazy from the media, who lets' face it don't know a great deal about "little" AFCB. Peterborough under knew their strengths were attacking with the likes of Boyd/CMS, McCann, etc and setup specifically to be very attack minded. Going 4-3-3 or 4-2-4 when almost everyone played 4-4-2.

    On the other hand I feel we've conceded a few as a side new and a little naive to Championship football, those two smackings early on. And we've conceded a few with injuries to important players, with a squad not massive in it's depth. And it's not been until recently that we settled on Ward/Cook as our best defensive pair.

    I don't think we're going out with quite the same mentality as Peterborough used to, and with a fully fit side that is a bit more adjusted to this level we'll start to see more consistent, 'normal' scorelines.

  2. Tend to agree with your comment. Although what I would say is, if we can play as we have been with players of the calibre of Ritchie missing, how well are we possibly going to play when they're fully fit?? Besides that, those who have been playing regularly are becoming more accustomed to their new environment. So without wishing to sound too enthusiastic and setting myself up for a mighty fall, I think the best is yet to come!!!