Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Fraser: could he become as good as another Ryan - Mr Giggs?

You can't utter many more superlatives for the way young Ryan Fraser has gone about his football at the Goldsands stadium. He has hit the ground running as they say and now that he has a taste for the goals, I just see him getting better and better.

The goal he scored against Millwall was special. Not just because he took it all so calmly, but he quickly worked out how he could cut in from Grabban's pass, and found that yard of space before hitting a shot that was both accurate and powerful. As a spectator you sometimes know as soon as a player shapes up for a shot that it's going to hit the back of the net. That's how I felt when I saw Ryan about to strike the ball. "He's about to hit it," I shouted and moved to the edge of my seat. Seconds later I was jumping up and down along with everyone else, with a massive grin on my face, waving my scarf above my head like an over excited school boy.

Has anyone made you smile more than Ryan Fraser this season?
You wait for these moments. All the bad games and sloppy goals you dispel from the memory banks as soon as you can, but its the stunning goals that make you smile and have to be saved to be revisited another time. The way Fraser ran away modestly after the goal signalled to me that he was tuned in and playing it down a bit. It is becoming more natural for him to score in big games and that can only benefit AFCB. We need him to keep fit now and not get injured in his international games. He has become an integral part of a successful team at the Goldsands and I can't see him making way for any one in the near future.

There are others in the team that he will inspire as well. If little Ryan is having a ball in the Championship many of the other players in the team will be looking at themselves and saying I should be too. Ryan has a high work ethic we are told and everything that comes to him I suspect he thoroughly deserves. 

It looks like Scotland may well have a Ryan Giggs of their own in waiting. I am only glad that the Scotsman is on AFCB's books and is a lot younger than the Welshman, so I'll have the chance to swing my scarf many more times.

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