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Flahavan's penalty save at Leeds is not enough for brave Cherries

Match Report
Leeds Utd v AFCB
1 October 2013
Attendance: 21,749 (363 AFCB fans)

Eddie Howe made some changes to the team after the poor performance on Saturday. In came Ryan Fraser, Ian Harte and with the injuries to the squad, emergency loan signing Jack Collison was welcomed into the team. The ones to miss out were MacDonald who was injured Saturday, Tommy Elphick and Pitman, who were both on the bench. Unusually there was no Wes Thomas in the squad - injured apparently . Daniels is out of the team still injured and in Italy we are told receiving treatment.

Match Description - as it happened
Listening to BBC Radio Solent

Fraser and Pugh give away the ball early on, but O'Kane gets some early touches. Leeds play it along the back with Pearce and Lees. Ward almost made a slip up, but Allsop recovers the ball.

Green and McCormack almost capitalise but Grabban gets his foot in. Austin looks for Hunt but Cook clears. Ian Harte and Collison and up to Pugh, but Mowatt has it until Francis wins the ball. AFCB are finding it hard to keep hold of the ball. The surface has been well watered. O'Kane and Collison and then Harte and Rantie to Grabban, inside left channel, with support from Pugh. Grabban almost puts in Rantie, but he is penalised for holding back a defender.

Hunt gets ahead of Francis but the ball goes out for an AFCB goal kick, when it may be should have been a corner. Allsop hits the ball long and out of play. We are told this is only the ninth ever meeting between the two teams.

Warnock and Tonge and then Mowatt, but Ian Harte gets the ball back to the keeper. Francis is the captain tonight and he gets the ball to Fraser and Rantie. Fraser wins a free kick in a good position with some positive play. Harte takes the kick with the two centre halves up, but it goes straight to Kenny. McCormack is chased by Cook and Pugh, and the ball is out for a throw. O'Kane is a bit anxious and perhaps could take a touch when he rushes things.

Allsop kicks long again and over Francis' head again. Pugh now down the left wins a throw.  
Grabban is chasing the ball down with Lees. Pugh feeds Grabban and then O'Kane. Francis plays it into Rantie supported by Pugh but Leeds clear.

O'Kane gives the ball away and Francis catches Mowatt. 12 minutes gone and no score. Pearce has the ball, then Warnock on the left. Lees plays a poor ball to Collison. Tonge has a shot and spins it off Ward for the first corner of the night. The Cherries defend well with Cook.

Peltier puts the ball straight out. "There is a bit of a nip in the air tonight," says Kris Temple. McCormak is out paced by Francis. Pearce then clatters Fraser, which Eddie Howe is very angry about. Fraser plays in Grabban and Rantie, but Pugh's cross is too strong. 
"Rantie has looked sharp and neat and tidy," says Willo. 

Allsop plays out from the back to ward and only finds Mowatt. Rantie, now to Fraser as Warnock fouls Fraser. Free kick from Harte again from the right causes Peltier to head the ball out for a corner. The short corner is pulled back for pushing and taken again. They go short again, Harte plays it in but it's wasted. The ball is back on the half way line with Ward to Rantie, but it goes to Kenny who shanks his clearance.

Steve Cook has a throw to Pugh and hits Paul Green for another corner. Francis tries to get a head but fails and Collison's shot is saved with 20 minutes gone. Hunt is flagged for offside. "Eddie Howe's Barmy Army" is shouted out.

No keeper has had to make a difficult save so far and perhaps AFCB are just shading it says Willo. Peltier now and Warnock swings in the ball and Cook heads out for a throw. Harte gives the ball away to Tonge and Leeds win a throw. Hunt and Peltier, to Green and Pearce. Warnock now, but Fraser has it and tries to find Rantie but it's a Cherries throw.

Francis and O'Kane stabs it forward. "One pass out of four for O'Kane," says Kris Temple. Pearce and Tonge starts an attack. Hunt looks for McCormak, what is Fraser doing - a volley into his own penalty area and McCormack's effort is superbly saved. The ball came to McCormack too fast, lucky for AFCB.

"One or two murmurings from the crowd," says Kris Temple. Fraser dispossessed by Warnock, now Tonge and Hunt, but Francis heads away to Fraser. Grabban side steps Green, Mowatt wins the ball off Fraser. Grabban has a shot but it remains nil-nil. Willo is annoyed that Grabban did not play to Pugh who was in acres of space. Nearly 28 minutes gone.

McCormack and Tonge, but Collison does enough. Francis clears up to Fraser and Pearce heads out. Willo is hopeful that Rantie (TK as he insists calling him) can get in with the right ball down the side of Pearce. Pugh now to the penalty area. Rantie took over but Green clears. Hunt is baulked by Francis.

Mowatt starts a move but it's behind Hunt. Harte clears the ball. Hunt suddenly has a chance and is through the middle and gets a toe on the ball ahead of Allsop, who brings Hunt down and Ryan is sent off! Some one will have to be sacrificed. Flahavan is coming on. 10-men again! Ryan Fraser comes off. About 30 minutes gone and a penalty to be faced. Ward tries to put McCormack off and it's saved! A touch onto the post and the rebound goes clear. Flahavan calms everyone down. Great save - still 0:0.

AFCB are just playing one up front. Grabban comes over to the right wing. So it's still nil-nil. Kris Temple reminds listeners that the Cherries played better with 10-men on Saturday. Eleven minutes to half time. Allsop has a three match ban for a straight red.
O'Kane puts the ball out for a corner. It's a deep corner and Francis clears. The Cherries have a throw in and are trying to keep the ball the best they can. O'Kane has to clear and then Collison. Francis and Grabban also clear and Leeds bring it back. In towards McCormack but Ward heads the ball back to Flahavan.

"What a test for Flahavan?" says Kris Temple. Warnock now beyond Francis but it's a goal kick and seven minutes to half time. O'Kane to Pugh but he loses the ball. Hunt to Peltier and Austin. It comes into the back post and Francis clears. Green should have had a shot but the ball flashes across the goal and finally AFCB clear for a corner. Francis was the one who through his body in the way.

Kris and Willo think the the referee got the Allsop decision of a goal scoring opportunity denied right (later Willo would change his mind having watched it again). Francis is now given a yellow card which Willo is angry about. McCormack fires the ball in but it deflects over the bar.

Flahavan kicks out to Pugh. Harte looks for Rantie who is isolated but wins a throw. Two minutes to half time. AFCB only committing two or three players, but Cook decides to take a long throw and ushers Ward forward on the near post. Cook over to Harte. Grabban can't keep it in though.

The Cherries face another attack but Harte blocks for another corner to Leeds. It comes to Austin who has his shot blocked. Mowatt finds space with a shot but Harte blocks. Another shot and Leeds ask for a penalty against O'Kane but it's not given. Leeds cross but Flahavan makes the catch.

AFCB have it now. Rantie loses the ball though. It's half time. Willo says the boys have been brave and have shown great spirit. So nil-nil.

Second Half
The half time stat sheet reads one shot by AFCB and 8 shots from Leeds with two of them on target. AFCB are in the game but have they got a goal threat? AFCB are kicking from right to left in their red and black shirts.

Austin clips one to the back post it could fall to Mowatt, but Ward makes a great clearance. Cook plays the ball up the left. Willo says he has seen the penalty challenge six times on a monitor and still can't decide if it was a correct decision.

Collison, wearing number 31, snaps away at Tonge. Peltier back in field to Green, but a free kick has been given against Collison on Tonge. Mowatt, the 18-year old crosses it in but Ward clears and Flahavan grabs hold of the ball.

Warnock loses control of the ball. Rantie is still looking very lively. Green and Austin tries to cross but Collison heads away. Collison up to Rantie and Grabban. Pugh joins in as Grabban holds the ball up. Harte now wins a throw.

GOAL! Warnock's cross to McCormack and on the counter attack Leeds have the lead as McCormack gets between the two centre halves to score. It's 1:0 to Leeds on 52 minutes. "The ball was a good one in to the six yard box with real pace," says Kris Temple. 

Collison could have handled the ball, but it's Pugh and O'Kane now. Harte's ball goes out for a throw. Cook throws the ball in. Surman and Pitman are warming up. It's another Cherries throw. Eleven minutes gone in the second half. Now it's a Leeds throw.

Leeds are taking their time. Peltier to Mowatt and into Green. Cook throws himself in the way to stop Mowatt who wins Leeds a corner. Ward clears and the ball up to half way. Harte gives the ball straight to Austin. Tonge to McCormack and O'Kane plays it away to Rantie. A good inter-change with Grabban, but Pearce gets in. Pugh now gets a yellow card for blocking a player. Austin has a shot that Flahavan saves.

Ward up against McCormack. Wide to Hunt and Flahavan handles well after coming for the ball. Flahavan has shown some great inspiration. "Barmy Army," rings out. 15 of AFCB's 21 goals against have come on the road were are told.

Flahavan comes off his line quickly to be McCormack. Surman is to come on for AFCB and Marc Pugh is going off. AFCB go 3-4-2. "Let's have a go," says Willo "Go down fighting."

O'Kane to Grabban and Collison, great save! The ball was curling in to the top corner but Keeny got to it. Leeds play the ball in, but AFCB get a free kick. We have had 64 minutes. AFCB are having a good spell and the Leeds fans have gone quiet. Surman to Rantie looking for Grabban but the ball is cleared up to half way. Surman is at the heart of everything. 

Hunt is dispossessed by Cook. Flahavan side steps Michael Tonge to great cheers. Warnock crosses, now Hunt and Peltier, Mowatt and Tonge's shot is over the bar.

Pearce now, who has been relatively untroubled. Grabban is playing more central now, playing closer to Rantie. Tonge and Surman to Rantie and O'Kane goes down and the defender got the ball. "Rantie could have gone himself," says Willo, "Goodness me."

Grabban on half way and O'Kane gets his breath back. Collison to Harte, cleared by Pearce. Cook keeps it in but Austin takes him out and its a certain yellow card. 

Pitman is going to come on. They are just seeing if Cook is okay. "Red Army" rings out. Poleon comes on for Leeds and Noel Hunt goes off after 71 minutes.

GOAL! Suddenly Harte finds a head, (Ward) it lands on Grabban's foot and with 18 minutes left it's 1:1. Grabban smashes the ball home for his sixth of the season. "Nothing more than what we deserved, " says Willo.  

Brett has to sit down again. He's not coming on yet. Rantie and Grabban together has worked out. Kris Temple guesses that there are 500 AFCB fans and they are making a lot of nose. Peltier's cross is headed away by Ward on the far post. Cook heads back to his own goal, McCormack has it, but Ward makes the challenge and then Cook. Austin is flagged off side.

Pitman comes on for Rantie. Surman makes a clearance from Mowatt. Tonge and Austin is in but Flahavan launched himself at the ball to keep AFCB in the game.

The Cherries come forward. "Austin's cross is volleyed away by Ward who has been a colossus," says Kris Temple.
GOAL! Leeds have a corner. Paddy Kenny kicks the ball from near the half way line, Francis heads and Pearce heads the ball back into play and Poleon makes it 2:1. The ball was hit hard and straight with the goalkeeper unsighted. Ward was on the line but could not stop it.

Harte's corner is cleared by Warnock. O'Kane's chip goes through to Kenny. Just seven minutes left.

Pitman now and Surman. Collison and Grabban, Cook wins a free kick after a good sequence of passing. Poleon is booked.  Pitman and Collison to Grabban. Francis in support plays it to O'Kane and back to Francis. AFCB keep the ball but Leeds keep their banks of four.

There is just four minutes left. Francis and Collison with the ball. Pitman's ball forward goes out off Tonge. Cherries, Ward to Grabban chance gone.

Elliott Ward is staying up front with Grabban and Pitman. Francis, Cook and Harte are at the back. Peltier to Poleon and Warnock retains possession. Four minutes of added time.

Kenny comes out to head away in front of Grabban. Collison looks for ward in the box. Surman drives the ball though but it goes to the keeper. Leeds hold on for the win, but what an incredible effort by AFCB.

Allsop ( Flahavan 32), Francis, Cook, Ward, Harte, Pugh (Surman 63), Collison, O'Kane, Grabban, Fraser, Rantie (Pitman 77). 

AFCB Subs:
Flahavan, Addison, Cornick, McDermott, Surman, Elphick, Pitman.

Leeds Utd
Kenny, Pearce, Lees, Warnock, Peltier, Tonge, Mowatt, Austin, Green, McCormack, Hunt (Poleon 72).

Leeds Subs
Smithy, Diouf, Murphy, Poleon, Varney, Bryam, Cairns.

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