Sunday, 13 October 2013

Taking the rough with the smooth

Eddie Howe mentioned that he was sure that the best way to get results with AFCB's players was to keep to the principles of a possession and passing game. In short, it is the way he wants to play and if that means taking the rough with the smooth then we have to be able to cope with that.

AFCB players are instructed to pass it out
from the back and keep possession and it is helping them to
win games this season. 
Even against Leeds Utd and Blackburn Rovers when AFCB were down to 10-men they tried to pass their way back into those games. The AFCB crowd are more knowledgeable now and they did not get on the backs of the players when we went two down against Millwall. The importance of the crowd was admirably demonstrated when the game swung around and the Millwall supporters started to get annoyed rather than back their team.

When asked about how the team was doing in the Championship, I like the way that Eddie says: "I think we have got work to do, but we have bedded ourselves in and we are going in the right direction. I certainly think there are more positives than negatives without a doubt."

He added: "I think a lot of the players have grown with the level and gone on to do better and to produce really good performances. A couple may have struggled the other way but that's the game and we will endeavour to improve the squad and move things forward and try and be progressive."

Eddie wants players to keep being positive even if we lose a few games.

The Cherries have some very hard games ahead of them now. In fact, I would say that they are the hardest fixtures to date. Playing away to Nottingham Forest and Leicester City though could probably not have come at a better time for the Cherries just after the international break. It gives the players a chance to get their injuries sorted and to stake a claim to get back into the team. These two games will tell everyone about what the Cherries are made of. Can they beat one of the top six teams away from home or get some draws? The away form has been getting better, despite the unlucky defeat at Leeds Utd last time on the road. If AFCB can pick off points against the top six though they will make up ground on those teams and by November the table could be looking even more exciting for our fans. 

If AFCB are still not quite good enough to get any points at Nottingham Forest or Leicester City they can still take confidence from what they have achieved so far this season and will surely keep trying to play positively. Get yourselves ready four a couple of really big games this October.   


  1. I had a good chuckle the way you talk about the next two games being the hardest fixtures to date. It wasn't me laughing at what was written, it was having a laugh at myself. I keep doing this (NO, not laughing at myself, I leave that to others), like you, I look at the next couple of games, there's a deep intake of breath, and I think no, be positive, we can get something out of them. Those games come and go, then low and behold, I'm doing it all over again. Without doubt, the next two games will be extremely tough, I'd be VERY surprised if we get anything out of them, but then, with players coming back from injury I really do believe we have a squad to cause a few surprises, so who knows. Plus Tokelo scoring for South Africa won't of done his confidence any harm. THEN, we get those games out of the way, and what do we have?? Bolton and Burnley!! OK, so Bolton are struggling, and we're at home, but HEY, does it ever get any easier??? Nope, not in this league!!! UTCIAD

  2. Love your optimism afcbpete! I just hope Eddie has a special plan that will enable the team to get some points from the next two games. This is where he earns his money - I'm scratching my head.

    1. At 0-2 down against Millwall, I thought Eddie had got our tactics all wrong, and following the Blackburn game I hate to owning up to doubting whether he could turn us around, were we as capable as I thought we were. So I don't just have optimism, I'm honest enough to stand up and be counted when I do have doubts now and again. But then as often happens, Eddie has changed things around at half-time and the game is turned on it's head, although as we know Fraser's goal was a real bonus. I'll put it down to my age, YEARS of watching AFCB teams capitulate, doing so on a grand scale at times, leaves me with a fear that all that is good won't or rather can't, be good for very long as it always goes pear shaped. But I DO have huge faith in Eddie's ability, the new outlook is sometimes one of disbelief, but then realism when I look at the talent in our squad, and THEN, my optimism comes into play, and we're almost world beaters LOL...