Monday, 7 October 2013

Henderson heaps praise on AFCB's performance

While Stephen Henderson has not had much time to get acquainted with the AFCB players he knows when he has been involved in a special game. Although he was scratching his head at being two-nil down in 10 minutes against Millwall, he said it was an absolute pleasure to be involved in the second half. I am not sure that Stephen was that much involved in the second half because all the action was up the other end.

We have yet to see how good Henderson is but we
have plenty of time to see him in action.  
Henderson said he had been in similar situations with a team two or more of goals down in the opening minutes and that the boys played brilliantly after half time. It was open of him to admit that the boss said a few words at half time. Still, it is good to know that Eddie gets his points across when the goals against are a bit sloppy.

I did feel that Stephen had no chance with the second goal scored against him but he came off his line and left a reasonable gap for the first goal at his near post. The eagerness to do well may have got the better of him for Millwall's first, but he was not the cause of the problem. Apart from those incident's though, Millwall did not really threaten greatly and I don't remember seeing Stephen at full stretch during any other part of the game.

West Ham's loss or should I say kindness is very much AFCB's gain.
The best thing I can say about his distribution is that it must have been quick when he did have the ball, but he hardly needed to do much throwing or kicking. Bournemouth managed to keep the ball alive for large amounts of the game and that tired Millwall. It was almost a bit cruel when 70 minutes had gone by and Bournemouth were still just knocking it about against 10 men with no real need to do anything more, but I still saw Henderson jumping up and down and keeping alert at the other end.

It is a big bonus that Henderson has been signed for three months. That gives him a lot of time to rival Allsop for the number one shirt. I imagine Allsop will be watching from the bench and taking it all in during training. I think we needed someone with a bit more experience although I believe Allsop has not done badly considering the step up in class. It may be wise the Allsop is just taken out of the spotlight for a bit, so that he can get his confidence up. AFCB could also do with a few matches when we don't get so many cards.

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