Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Flahavan now has his chance

With Ryan Allsop unfortunately picking up a straight red in the Leeds match he will be automatically given a three match ban. Eddie Howe has just said he will not contest the decision. While it is hard on Ryan, especially with the pressure he has been under I did wonder if it was time that he was taken out of the heat for a game or two. He is still learning the game at this high level and he will make mistakes like any young aspiring keeper. Eddie Howe will no doubt say he was right to play Ryan, but I and many others thought that Allsop was not quite right on Saturday.

Flahavan was on top form at Leeds.

I don't think having a couple of games where decisions and incidences go against Allsop are necessarily a bad thing in the long term. While points lost look bad for the team, Ryan will be learning all the time he is exposed to making quick decisions that have to be the right ones pretty much all of the time for a keeper.

When he came out to prevent Ross McCormack from scoring, he could well of stayed on the pitch another day. Timing is crucial and whether the keeper or the striker gets to the ball first. If there is a touch on the ball and the player still goes down, the striker could just as easily be carded for simulation. It's a lottery half the time. AFCB don't seem to be getting the breaks at the moment.

Darryl Flahavan did not seem to put a foot wrong from the moment he came on. He has experienced similar situations and was on form all night with decision making, distribution and saves from what I heard of the commentary. So Darryl is now in the front line for the next game against Millwall. I am confident that he will do well. I don't envy any of the keepers it's certainly the hardest position to play on the park. I wonder if Jalal will be recalled from Oxford?

I also think Allsop will come back all the stronger.

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