Thursday, 24 October 2013

Arter looked the part against Forest

Harry Arter is undoubtedly one of Bournemouth's best players. I hadn't thought we had really seen the best of him in the Championship until his performance against Nottingham Forest last week. Harry played a key role in central midfield and for the most part was defending the back four and stopping the Forest attacks from coming through the middle. He did a great job in restricting Forest.

Harry Arter warms up at Nottingham Forest. 
For me he is the one central midfield player that I always want to see on the team sheet and if he is not there AFCB don't always seem to have the same drive. He seems to have a great ability to pick the ball up and look around while running with the ball and his awareness of others making runs is particularly good. I know he can make a pass that goes straight to the opposition and can put us under pressure. It has happened a few times and  AFCB have usually been punished but it is something that will happen occasionally when the Cherries play such a fast passing game. Eddie Howe has made it clear that that is the way his team will play and looking at his managerial record at Bournemouth and his attractive football to watch you can't argue with that.

Harry played it simple at Forest and was great in winning tackles.
I have not seen so many solo runs from Harry Arter yet this season so let's hope he can show us a bit more of that in the next few matches. Last season he did that really well when we played Tranmere away and at Colchester. It's part of his game and we all know he has a lethal shot as well.

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  1. I thought Arter was a liability at Forest. His poor clearance led to their goal, and he was forever losing the ball.

    1. I don't think that is true but let's see if others agree with you.