Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Cook gets the defenders on the score sheet

Well Steve Cook did the team a big favour by scoring the second goal in AFCB's win against Millwall. By doing so he became the first defender to get on the score sheet. Having to wait until the 11th game of the season is perhaps a poor return for our defending players, but I imagine the competition will go on to see who can get the most goals this season.

Steve Cook has a pleasing ability to get himself on the end of great crosses and I believe he is probably the best header of a ball in the current squad. It is a shame in some ways that Steve also has the best long throw as he can't get on the end of those.

Steve Cook with Jack Collison behind.
There isn't a player that puts more into his game than Cook from what I can see. You feel his disappointment when things go against him and you can see the joy on his face when he gets it right. I certainly believe his game has come on a lot since last season. He just keeps going up a level which is great at his age because he could go even further. 

Steve also admitted that the header against Millwall almost brought him as much pleasure as the goal against Carlisle last season which helped see the Cherries go up. If you did have Steve Cook down as the first defender to score for AFCB this season well done to you.

Most of the weekend's headlines concentrated on the unsavoury coin throwing of a Millwall fan rather than the game, but Steve Cook was the unfortunate victim of the violent attack. We wish Cookie well as it is easy to be discouraged after such an incident.

Today we also have an article on Rival Lines looking at the bottom six teams in the Championship and what their blogs have to say about their season so far. We will look at the other teams in the coming days.

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