Friday, 11 October 2013

Tubbs needs to get his form back at the Millers

I expect many of you have not forgotten about Matt Tubbs who is up in Rotherham and trying to make an impact on their team. Matt is on loan at Rotherham until the end of January and the move was no doubt designed to give Matt more playing time opportunities and to recover some of his goal scoring form. 

While the Millers have been finding life in League One more than okay, Matt has been battling to get minutes on the pitch. He has not scored yet from what I can see since his time at Rotherham. Matt did get 62 minutes against Brentford in the last league match, but had just one shot on target according to the Miller's website. He has also had starts against Shrewsbury, Crawley and Preston back in August, but many of his appearances of late have been as a sub for either Agard or Revell. 

Steve Evans knows Matt Tubbs' game inside out and you have to say if Steve can't get Matt scoring then it may not have been the best move for Matt. He still has more than three months to make an impression at the Millers, but if Evans is not setting up his team to play in a way that would suit Matt it is likely that he will only be used as a sub. Matt's stats for the season stand at three shots on target and five appearances as sub. He has some work to do.

While it many not seem to matter to AFCB fans that Matt is not getting as many minutes as he might and is not scoring bucket loads of goals, we should remember that he will come back to the Goldsands stadium at the end of January and will be training again with the Cherries. It would be good to have a confident and happy Matt back with us and not one that is questioning himself and his abilities. Whether Eddie Howe decides to look for another loan move for the striker or not remains to be seen, but unless Matt's form picks up it is unlikely that many clubs will make a significant bid for him and Bournemouth still have a long contract on him.

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  1. can someone explain to me why afcb paid £850,000 for this guy?, as an afcb supporter for 20 odd years i vividly remember the bad days when the club couldnt afford to pay for bootlaces, i just hope this level of expenditure isnt regretted at some point in the near future