Sunday, 13 October 2013

Junior Cherries have unbelievable tekkers

We all want to inspire the Junior Cherries to enjoy their football and not only like following the Cherries, but to get them to take part in playing the game for themselves, and staying as fans of the Cherries for the rest of their lives. There have been some great initiatives to help the youngsters of today feel connected with AFCB. I particularly like the Minikicker schools which take place often on a Saturday morning at the Goldsands stadium, on the team's small five a-side training areas. The fact that the training schools also have sessions to encourage any young footballer to come along within the age groups being featured is superb. I wish I had had an opportunity when I was a kid. All through October there are some great opportunities that the official club website points out.

This week the young supporters are being asked to have a go at Ian Harte's left foot challenge to win a pair of his boots. What exactly they will do with the boots I don't know, but they could put them on display and you never know they could grow up to be the same size. The good thing is that they will be encouraged to go outside and get some exercise kicking a ball around.

I would like to say that I try and encourage my two boys to go out and kick a ball around when I can. They are not going to be Kaka or Ronaldo but we have great fun doing our Know Howe videos and generally running about. That reminds me, I must do another Know Howe soon.

Unbelievable Tekkers!
I did spot a certain character who was perhaps looking to get involved the other week in playing some football. I think all the pre-match training sessions with the Junior Cherries has been paying off, because Eddie Bear is a bit of a natural now at playing keep-me-uppy. What do you reckon?  

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