Thursday, 24 October 2013

Eddie Howe is crucial to AFCB's development

This week saw the parting of the waves for Tony Mowbray and Middlesbrough. Tony had not had that many defeats this season but such is the pressure on the big clubs in the Championship that it is hard or managers not to pay the ultimate price when they are not near the top of the able. The other week Nigel Clough was also removed from Derby County but it is good to see that he has walked straight into another job, not that reviving Sheffield Utd will be easy.

With Ian Holloway leaving Crystal Palace last night I am starting to get a little more edgy in my seat, but Eddie Howe is not among the leading candidates and I think he is loving it at Bournemouth. Funnily enough former Bournemouth manager Tony Pulis is top of Palace's target list. Of course Eddie has already turned Palace down once before.

Eddie Howe who has been a revelation in both his spells as manager at AFCB. I did not want to even read the Echo this week that said Jeff Mostyn will try and keep Eddie Howe at the club. Indeed, he had better do his utmost to keep him for as long as possible. I would be happy if Eddie was still manager even if we were playing in the Conference South.

Eddie lives and breathes AFCB. He is part of us and I don't want that to change at any time in the near future. Other clubs may well see him as a target to poach but there is a strong bond between the club and the management team. I can see it being even harder for Eddie to leave the club a second time. He has already stated that it does not matter to him what level he is managing at and dropping down a division was not a problem for him. It's the challenge that he likes to get AFCB in the big time and he and Jason are making a mighty fine fist of it from where I stand.  If our owners fail to see that and the strong backing of the fans behind Eddie Howe then the whole club would be very sorry losers. 

Come January and even further on to to next summer, if there is money to spend I would like to see Eddie Howe be the one who has that privilege to strengthen the team further. He has a knack of selecting players who have a good team ethic and enjoy being around each other which no doubt helps them on the pitch. I want to see Eddie do that with even more talented players when the time comes, but not somewhere else. I want to see him do it at AFCB.

Please have a read of Rival Lines if you have not already. We speak to a ardent Leicester City fan and blogger who lives in Poole and works in Bournemouth.

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