Friday, 25 October 2013

Should Macca or O'Kane come in for Leicester game?

I was a bit concerned with AFCB's midfield performance at times against Forest. While Arter looked back to his battling best or near to it, I did not see enough fight from Collison or Surman to win me over. I thought Andrew Surman particularly looked a bit of a passenger at times. Ball retention and quick passing is always what the midfield aim for but when it isn't coming off, keeping it simple must be the golden rule.

Unbeknown to most of us fans, Eddie Howe said the pitch was really sticky in the first half at the City ground which was not helping the Cherries to get their passing game going. It certainly looked like we could not string many passes together at the start, but it did not seem to upset Forest in the same way. They used the wings to great effect and really dominated the midfield in the first half. Jack Collison and Andrew Surman just did not look comfortable and were no more than spectators with Reid and Abdoun running the show.

Could O'Kane feature in the Leicester match?
MacDonald is back to fitness.
I think the fact that AFCB lost Stephen Henderson so early gave Eddie Howe less room for manoeuvre when he might have made the Surman change earlier. When it did come it was Pitman that sparked a bit more life into the team but I wouldn't have minded seeing O'Kane or Macca as well.

Jack Collison has just the Leicester game left with us before his loan period ends, but yesterday afternoon there was talk about Jack being interested in extending the loan in the AFCB official website. If that happens all well and good. I think there is more to come from Collison.

But does Eddie stick with Collison for the Leicester game? Eddie Howe seems to like sticking with experience, but he could change his mind on who to play in the middle, especially if he feels the team could have been stronger in that area in the last game. Personally I would like Macca to come back in, but I suspect he will keep Collison in the team and encourage him to do more at Leicester. Surman though may be one luxury too many for the Leicester game and I hope that Ryan Fraser is available again to play on the right wing.

Our Second Rival Lines this weeks comes from another Leicester City fan's site who says to Premiership clubs, "hands off our keeper, Kasper Schmeichel."

Now there was me thinking that he would not be a bad addition to our team. So take a peak today at Rival Lines. I have also agreed to answer some questions put to Cherry Chimes about AFCB on LCFC World's website so you may well see that there too.


  1. Surman apparently played very well alongside Collison at Leeds, but I have to say, from what I've seen of him, he's disappointed, which I've been very surprised at, as thought when signed, he was a fantastic coup. So for Saturday should Fraser not be fit, I'd consider playing Grabb's out wide, bringing in Brett up front with TK, keeping Collison and Arter in midfield. I just feel we play better going forward, pushing teams back and hopefully not being caught out on the break. I don't feel cocky, but I do think we will hold our own, it's a shame we're still missing so many key players, because I can see us coming of age over the next few games, and without wishing to sound harsh on those playing so well in place of those injured, draws could very well become wins when at full strength. Of cause, come the end of November I may well be eating these words, but I really feel confident now, but NOT cocky!!! UTCIAD

    1. Let's have a score prediction for tomorrow then AFCBPete