Monday, 21 October 2013

Pugh does it again

I just like the attitude of Marc Pugh. As soon as you start to wonder if AFCB are getting the most out of him he pops up and registers with the goal scorers. I do believe he has added to his game this season with a real menace around the box. He is finding more space than perhaps he had last season at times and with his heel in better shape now the Cherries are starting to reap the benefits.

Pugh was fired up for the Forest match.
I know that Pugh was keen to play well against Forest as he mentioned that it was a game he was up for. He has become a vital man at supporting the forwards and even when he does not strike the ball cleanly he seems to get his shots on target.

I also find it pleasing that he is now not using his signature Cruyff turn in every situation and has started to play particularly well off of Tokelo Rantie. He seems to be on the same wavelength and the way he pointed to where he wanted Tokelo to put his pass for Pugh's goal against Forest indicated that Pugh is confident of scoring at the moment. His record is pretty good with four goals in 12 league games, but his aim should be to score more than once in a few games this season.

Pugh is definitely enjoying his football though. You can hear it on his interviews and part of that is probably helped by having a good happy home. He fits so well with the club and what it stands for that it is always a pleasure to see Marc do well.

He was so thrilled when he scored in the final minutes against Forest it was fabulous to see. It doesn't matter that he did not hit the ball cleanly when he scored, it went in and that just sent the AFCB fans completely wild. Keep it up Marc.

You can listen to me speak about the game on All Departments' Kangeroo Court today.

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