Friday, 11 October 2013

Will you be having a read of Harry Redknapp's autobiography?

I have been tracking the Daily Mail's exerts from Harry Redknapp's new autobiography this week in the hope that they might shed some light on the revelations the popular former Cherries manager might have on his old AFC Bournemouth squad. Little has been mentioned yet, although our own official AFCB website did mention that there is plenty of gossip to be had on old AFCB players in the book.

It would be fabulous to know what some of the players got up to back in the 1980s. I imagine that Willo was one of those who had a few words to say. Harry Redknapp always comes across as a manager who will let you have a bit of a joke at the right times to keep spirits up and you don't hear of him having fallen out with many players over the years.

I do wonder what the dressing room was like though when he must have come in one day and said George Best will be playing for us next game. Even though George was carrying some extra weight, I bet there were a few jaws that dropped that day. Harry is probably best remembered for getting AFCB promoted to the then Third and Second divisions. But for me the Milk Cup win over Man Utd in 1984 was a dream came true. I thought that we had made it when we beat them. I remember going to school the next day and teasing all the Man Utd supporters. It was a great day for me.

It may well have been hard for the players running around Kings Park on a cold and frosty Monday morning I those days, but it wasn't much better standing on the old cold South End.

In a way I felt then very much as I do now about our current manager. While Harry was at the club all would be well. The forward momentum he gave the club was infectious. Eddie Howe has similar qualities in that respect and I hope we can keep him for a long time. When West Ham came knocking at Harry's his door there was little AFCB could do about it and I think many of the managers that followed just did not have his energy and charisma to take the side on, try as they may. What happens when Eddie Howe moves again could be a similar problem for the Cherries.

Today, AFCB has a story on Eddie Howe fearing the sack as his driving force. I hope Eddie knows that we are willing him to succeed every day and hope he can be come even more successful than Harry Redknapp. While we don't want to lose Eddie with another club snatching him from us, I would really hate to see him go after a bad run of games. Perhaps Harry Redknapp will say in his book whether he ever feared the sack in his book in his early years at AFC Bournemouth?

Finally, good luck England tonight - time to get nervous.

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