Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Collison's class is just the ticket for Cherries

I was pleased to see Jack Collison play for AFCB at home on Saturday for the full 90 minutes. He fitted in fairly quickly with the Cherries style of play and while he did not contribute directly to any of the goals, he did get well involved and had a shot tipped over in the first half which looked goal bound.

It would be great to have Collison for longer.
Unlike some of his team mates, he did not give the ball away as often and AFCB will need that kind of calm head when they go to the grounds at Nottingham Forest and Leicester City in the coming weeks. I am hoping that Harry Arter can learn a bit from Collison while he is with the team and work out why he is still making the odd mistake in centre midfield. Keeping it simple would seem to be the way Collison plays. He does not hit so many 'glory balls' as I like to call them but just keeps play ticking over.

There is always going to be someone who misses out while Collison is on loan at the Goldsands though and that was Eunan O'Kane last Saturday. I get the feeling that O'Kane, Arter and MacDonald are still very much feeling their way into the Championship. They need to think a bit smarter if they are to get the better of some of the experienced players they are now up against. Collison can help them pick that up and perhaps show them some of the things he has learnt along the way.

May be AFCB will talk with West Ham about Collison's future come January.
Bringing in pros that have worked in the Premiership is something that I hope AFCB continue to do. The January window is a little way away, but loan cover has already seen the Cherries dip into the market and it is a good way of improving our performances on the pitch as well as giving our players a chance to mix with seasoned professionals.

By the way Jack, if you are reading this, the odd goal or two from you would be nice while you are with AFCB.

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  1. Whilst the defence are guilty of gifting too many goals, they are not helped by our midfield just giving the ball away, which puts defenders immediately on the back foot, often finding them out of position as they could well of been steaming forwards. Arter's prone to doing that, and Macca also. If we are to progress, we will need quality like Collison, although sadly I doubt we'd be able to buy him. As you say, while he's with us, hopefully some of his experience will rub off on the likes of Harry, who we have undoubtedly missed. It's certainly interesting seeing the calibre of player Eddie is now bringing in, still have to keep pinching myself!!!