Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Adam Smith will comeback stronger

While Adam Smith has started to get a few more minutes on the pitch he won't have liked all of his performance against Sheffield Wednesday. He knows that he made an ill judged challenge on Atdhe Nuhiu and there is no way he can take that back. All he can do is look to play a blinder in his next game and to help AFCB recover with a win.
Adam Smith gets the backing of Eddie Howe on what he has dine for the team over the season.
Bouncing back is something the team will have to do as a whole and every individual will need to put in a performance against Bolton. With Simon Francis picking up two yellow cards at the weekend then Adam Smith is the obvious candidate to start in the right back position for that game and no doubt Francis will be urging him to have a great game.

It should help Adam Smith to focus on the next game and I am hoping that Eddie Howe tells Smith very early that he is playing in this game and that he has a big job to do for the team. While you can't recreate the kind of last minute atmosphere in real-time when Smith made his mistake, it will just be good for Adam to get lots of training in knowing that he'll be looking after the team at right back.

Coming on as a substitute is difficult and it should also help Adam to know that he still has a big contribution to make to this team. 

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