Friday, 17 April 2015

Dean Court will host AFCB's matches next season

Dean Court will host AFCB's games no matter what division they are in during 2015-16. That was the message that club chairman Jeff Mostyn was keen to share to dispel any thoughts of those who thought AFC Bournemouth might have believed that there would be issues with the stadium if AFCB were promoted to the Premier League.

While some decisions will have to be made about how to accommodate 100 press seats and perhaps up to 2000 away supporters for games, Jeff Mostyn was reported in the Bournemouth Echo as saying: "At this moment in time, no final decision has been made regarding the possibility of increasing the capacity."

We'll squeeze you all into Dean Court somehow.
Everything is up in the air and available for discussion if you will, and the Board will wait to see what happens in the remaining games of the 2014-15 season before making decisions on what possible ground improvements might be undertaken before the start of the 2015-16 season. Apparently there is no stipulation on the number of seats a ground should have in the Premier League and the floodlights and the press area appear to be top of the queue along with where to put away fans if the number does increase. But with AFCB not meeting its full capacity in all it's home games this season a decision on what is 10 per cent for an away allocation may be lower than many think.

I must admit that I am sure that the club will make the right decisions and consider all aspects fully if they need to, and as long as any criteria are met for TV and the Premier League it should be pleasing to most fans that Dean Court will be up to the task of hosting home matches next season. Over the summer we should hear more about what the club has been thinking of in terms of options on what happens on a match day at Dean Court, but I am just pleased that the idea of ground sharing is a complete no, no. 

In Jeff's words that was: "Finally, I can categorically confirm to supporters that irrespective of which division we are playing our football in next season, it will certainly be staged at Dean Court."

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