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The Seagull Love Review insists Brighton are not safe!

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Brighton & Hove Albion v AFCB
Blogger Interview: The Seagull Love Review
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I finally caught up with Sam - The Seagull Love Review blogger - who kindly sent over his answers to my second batch of questions on Brighton & Hove Albion’s season so far. He says that if it had not been for a 0-2 away win at Fulham in December it is possible that Brighton fans could be in a lot worse position.

Is Sami Hyypia totally to blame for Brighton's poor season?

TSLR: A fair bit, yes. A dour man who pissed on our chips.

CC: What have you made of Chris Hughton so far?

TSLR: He has done OK and, though we have a really tough run-in, a lot of us thought we were down at Christmas. Very depressing. If he keeps us up then he has done a good job, though deep down there are questions in Sussex as to his ability to take us to the next level. Nice bloke though.

CC: Where do you think the season turned round for Brighton - is there a particular game when you thought that has sparked something?

TSLR: Fulham away on the 29th December. Hyppia had been sacked and our number two Nathan Jones took charge. We won 0-2 and there were tons of Albion there so that really picked everyone up.

CC: What do you feel about your current home form in the league - are you fairly confident when the Seagulls run out at the Amex?

TSLR: No! No confidence at the moment. Last weekend we lost 1-0 on the Friday and 0-1 on the Monday. One against promotions chasers, one against relegation fodder. We're totally sh _ _!

CC: Have you soon a particular player doing much better under Hughton's tutelage?

TSLR: Hard one to say. We have had so many loanees pass through the doors the teams change quite a lot. Our defence has been reasonably solid all season and we don’t concede many, but our problem is scoring goals and to be honest. Chris Hughton has not been able to turn that round since he arrived. As a team we're better, but only just a bit better to be out of the relegation zone, let's be honest.

CC: Brighton have Watford and Middlesbrough to play so is it of much interest to you to have a big say in who might go up or are the matches a bit meaningless to you now?

TSLR: We're not safe! It perhaps looks likely we'll stay up now but only because of the form of the bottom 3 or 4. I believe the fans expect the promotion chasing teams to grind out 1-0 wins against us. I'm not convinced we have the fire in our belly to match the teams at the top with the table as tight as it is.

CC: Is there a particular striker that you would like to see come in over the summer?

TSLR: Glenn Murray.

CC: Do you think Brighton are very far off the pace to being a top six side again next season?

TSLR: Well I would say we're well off the pace with our current squad but who would have though you guys and Brentford would do so well? I don't think we'll be spending lots in the summer so it'll be transfer window roulette and lots of work in getting people like Sam Baldock playing the way he is capable of.

CC: How do you expect Brighton to line up against AFCB - will it be all out attack or do you expect a plan to try and prevent AFCB having so much of the ball?

TSLR: No idea but I would think Hughton will bulk up the midfield to, as you say, stop you guys from playing your game. We will see. If the crowd is up for it then we could see a really good game. I'm sure you lot will bring a few so it should be fun.

CC: What is your score prediction for the match?

TSLR: 1-1

CC: I just have time to thank Sam for his time and for whetting the appetite for tonight’s match which as he says should be a cracker. A four point gap could be created at the top of the table if the Cherries do get a win and that would make listening to Saturday’s matches a little easier for some of us! UTCIAD!

Please hop across to have a read of The Seagull’s Love Review to see what Sam has been writing this season on his beloved Brighton team.

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