Wednesday, 22 April 2015

No need for AFCB fans to be downhearted

It is easy to feel a bit low after the Cherries last minute sickner against Sheffield Wednesday. The last time I felt that kind of blow was when Rotherham United managed a last minute equaliser at the Goldsands Stadium back in September. It was hard to take then but now it is much worse with the knowledge that the club is so close to having the dream season.

Eddie is still focused on getting the necessary points for AFCB to get them up. 
If you are like me you have probably already played out every different scenario of how this season might conclude for the Cherries. Whether it was celebrations at Dean Court, the Valley or at Wembley, I can't remember but every dream seems to end with AFCB fans getting very merry. The great news is that AFCB are still in it with a chance of finishing top, while a top four finish is already a tremendous achievement.

I did not hang around too long after the game at Dean Court last Saturday as I wanted to get away and reflect on matters in a situation that was a bit calmer. Fans are passionate at games and when the result doesn't go your way it is easy to overreact. In hindsight I don't believe the team has been playing as well as it can in the last few games although it had been picking up points. It is only to be expected as these are not normal games. Some how AFCB have to just focus on what is in front of them. Winning the next two games would be the culmination of work that has been on-going ever since the club managed to get that famous win against Grimsby to keep them in the league.

I do expect some grown men to be crying at the Valley in a couple of weeks time but I believe they will be tears of joy and not sadness - so hang on in there.

Take a look at Cherry Chimes' Championship Run-In 2014-15. All we can say for sure is - 'Win two and the Cherries are up!'

Great News: An extra 1400 tickets for the Charlton game are available

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