Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Still in the Cherries' hands

Eddie Howe was keen to write-off any disappointment about the result against Sheffield Wednesday by announcing that the situation had not really changed. The club needed two more wins from its remaining games to realise its dream. That dream is one that some 11,000 supporters were hoping would be a step closer come 5.15pm last Saturday afternoon, but alas it was just a point closer rather than three.

The only difference after the last match is that Watford are now in the driving seat and will become Champions if they win their last two matches. AFCB have a habit of being pipped to titles and it would be great if there is still a further twist or two to come which sees AFCB coming out on top after the final round of matches.
The title might be asking too much but AFCB
are still in control of whether they can go up.
The play-offs are looming though for four teams and it is possible that the Cherries could find themselves having to scrap it out for another month to realise their dream. Yes, we would have also loved that back in August, but it is a destiny that does not look so appealing at the moment and of the teams in the top six who could possibly pick out a winner of the play-offs with any confidence? 

So the match against Bolton will be a tremendous occasion with several other clubs also listening in to see whether the Cherries consign other teams to the play-offs and whether the title race and automatic promotion places will go to the last weekend. Whatever worrying you do between now and 27 April it won't change the fact that two wins and the Cherries will win promotion.

Take a look at Cherry Chimes' Championship Run-In 2014-15 we have a look at the games coming up at the top of the table this weekend. Will Watford, Middlesbrough and Norwich all slip up? All we can say for sure is - 'Win two and the Cherries are up!' 

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