Saturday, 25 April 2015

Final day drama is virtually guaranteed now

It was perhaps a bit annoying in some ways to know what the other teams would do before AFCB's match on Monday and before know what any of the results today (Saturday) we all know that the Cherries will have the chance to go up with two good results. The probability of the team needing points or at least a point at Charlton was pretty high as soon as they dropped points against Sheffield Wednesday, but while that may stop AFCB from picking up the title it does mean that those who managed to get Charlton tickets are going to have prime seats to see if AFCB can elipse the height that the club has managed in 125 years of football.
Cookie might be on the phone this weekend asking for some Brighton favours.
Luckily a few more fans will be able to enjoy that moment if it happens thanks to some extra tickets being gleaned from Charlton this week, but if Bolton get the better of the Cherries on Monday, and results go against them today, AFCB could be in fourth place and four points behind Watford by the time they meet the Addicks and the play-offs could be the direction that has to be taken.

Clearly Brighton are the team that can really do AFCB the greatest favours now and it is kind of strange in knowing that with the Seagulls one of the last teams that would probably want to help out their fellow seasiders along the coast. I suppose it is asking too much for Brighton to beat both Watford and Boro, but you never know and even a draw here and there could be very helpful to the Cherries' cause at the moment - I am sure that Tommy Elphick and Steve Cook might have slipped a word or two into their old mates' changing room. Millwall's defeat in midweek though to Blackburn has all but secured Brighton safety this season and we can only hope they want to please their fans with a home win and a brave show up at the Riverside.

Even if AFCB don't get any help along the way, there is bound to be some drama at The Valley and a lot of fans with their radio close to one ear, or mobile phones in their hands, as they keep tabs on what is happening elsewhere. For some supporters it will be despair on that final day but whatever happens with AFCB we should not heap anything but praise on the players for a fabulous season and if it comes to taking part in the play-offs then the Cherries have another chance to make it an even more incredible season if they are to have a special day at Wembley. That is not something that the fans or Eddie Howe and his team want at the moment though.

This ride could get bumpy, but I trust in Eddie Howe riding the last day of the season waves and taking this club to the Premier League. If it is not to be then we have still loved the experience of following a team that has given everything to try and get there. 

If you are brave enough to be watching or listening to how Brighton, Rotherham and Fulham get on today, make sure you prepare for the worst so that anything else is a bonus. UTCIAD!

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