Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Kenwyne Jones is in a strange but enviable position

It must be a bit strange for Kenwyne Jones to suddenly find himself up rooted and driven down to the south coast where he now finds himself in a promotion battle. He would be forgiven for having a few mixed feelings having been with a team that would have hoped to be in a position to be challenging at this stage for top honours but for whatever reasons Cardiff City have not really fired this season.

So Kenwyne is now with AFCB and will most likely be putting on the shirt on Good Friday to see if he can resurrect some of his hopes of what could have been this season. He still has a personal milestone to try and achieve 20 goals and he couldn't be in a better place than with the highest goal scoring team to try and get those seven goals in the last seven games.

What did interest me is what Kenwyne said on the official AFCB club site in that Eddie Howe's training session was like nothing he had ever seen before and how impressed he was with the training and philosophy of the club. Kenwyne has been with some big Premier League clubs so for him to say Eddie Howe is the best manager he has been the best he has worked with in that short space of time is quite something.

If Kenwyne is really up for this like I would hope AFCB fans want him to be, he could just fill his boots with goals for the Cherries and that would be a pretty amazing way for him to end the season. You can still vote on our poll to let us know if you think Kenwyne will be a hit or not in these last seven games by scrolling down the side panel on this blog until you get to the poll.

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