Saturday, 25 April 2015

Have AFCB got the fight to win their last two games?

The past few days have been of reflection and anticipation ahead of two crunch games against Bolton and Charlton. While the Cherries would have been ecstatic with a win over Sheffield Wednesday which they were so close to getting, the shine was taken off the fact that they are now second favourites to go up, but still have earned a tremendous opportunity to reach the Premier League.

Adam Smith will be looking to make up for his
mistake in the Sheffield Wednesday match.
While both Bolton and Charlton will have their own reasons for trying to stop the Cherries those teams will know that they face a side that is going to leave no stone unturned in their attempt to get promotion automatically. If AFCB play to their full capability the wins will come and history will be made. The weight of the past probably does weigh heavily on the players knowing that the club has never been in such a position before and it will be incredible scenes if the team can do it. The players themselves will have huge rewards if they can fulfil their personal ambitions.

Trying to predict results has been a nightmare all season in the Championship but the Cherries have remained strong and in the frame for automatic promotion for a while, and the sudden realistion that a win against Bolton could land that prize is now dawning on fans who may still be a bit shell-shocked from Sheffield Wednesday's late equaliser last Saturday. Even now, Watford, Middlesbrough and Norwich are hoping that the Cherries fail at the last moment, but AFCB have never been in the top tier of English football and that is why romantics will be urging the underdogs to come through these final two tests. It is going to be exciting and uncertain, but the last week should have enabled the players to get a hold of the situation and be fully ready for that final push. Go on AFCB make some history for yourselves!

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