Thursday, 16 April 2015

Andrew Surman has had a crazy few days

It was great news to hear that Andrew Surman and his partner has a baby girl called Lilly to add to their family last week. Listening to what Andrew said about his build up to the Brighton game it is surprising that he managed to cope with everything so well, but he is certainly a model professional and it could have been an even bigger week for him if he had scored against Reading the other night when he hit the post.
Surman is looking to get back to the Premier League.
Andrew isn't known for scoring a shed load of goals but when he does score it is usually a belter and I suspect he won't mind too much that Callum Wilson finished off his good work to get the Cherries a lead against the Royals. Of course Andrew has played in the Premier League and knows what it is like to be involved in a team that has reached that level and to get their again with Bournemouth will probably be one of the best moments of his life.

I imagine that the team he would like to be runners-up is Norwich City although I also bet that some of his team-mates will give him some stick if the Cherries make it up and the Canaries don't. We don't hear much of the banter behind the scenes but it certainly goes on.

Andrew's thoughts must also be on getting a few days off I suppose between the two remaining home games. A Championship medal would also be a pretty good present to have though and he is certainly one of the players that has kept AFCB ticking over so well this season with such great possession. 
That's it take a few more shots Andrew.
However, crazy the last week has been for him it could just be about to be getting even more amazing. Everyone of the AFCB player's stories will probably start to come out about these last few weeks of the season in the following days and it will be great to know a bit more about what has gone on behind the scenes. I think Surman's recent experiences will take some beating.

All Departments had released its latest podcast on Reading 0 v 1 AFCB - you can relive the excitement of that early goal and remember the tension of the last quarter of an hour by visiting All Departments' website or scrolling down the right side panel of Cherry Chimes until you see the All Departments' sound bar - click on it to listen.

I was also interested to see that AFCB's Development squad match against Luton will feature Arsenal Renny Smith - a trialist from Arsenal and U18 Austrian international player.

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