Monday, 20 April 2015

Penalty decisions should not cloud Cherries season

There has been much debate about penalty decisions this season and Saturday's game was no difference with possible penalties not given and one that was. While AFCB have probably had more penalties than anyone else it has become a frustration to see our players fouled on occasion without getting the decision. that is football though and while the officials I believe don't intentionally go out to spoil a game you can't expect to get the decisions every week. 
Officials are always going to have a big say in results but
surely there is no evidence for
them coming together to talk about one player and how
 many penalties they have been given.
So it was with disappointment and a bit of annoyance that I saw Paul Tierney wave away first Andrew Surman's penalty claim in the first half against Sheffield Wednesday and then a foul on Callum Wilson in the second half. Surprise, surprise he had not such concern when Atdhe Nuhiu went down after Adam Smith had left his leg out and pointed immediately to the spot. I actually felt that all three were penalties, but it is worrying that Eddie Howe says that he says it looks like the referees have got together to not give Callum Wilson anymore penalties.

It was uncharacteristic for Eddie Howe to be so outspoken on such a matter, but the annoyance and pressure on him and his team at this stage of the season is massive and I hope that he is not going to get into trouble with the authorities. In a way though it was perhaps something that he felt needed to be said so that in the future games AFCB are not looked on any differently to any other team even if they have won a lot of penalties so far this season. There is no automatic limit on how many spot kicks you are allowed to have during a season and if teams cannot defend properly and in the spirit of the game against AFCB's forwards then they should be punished by having penalties awarded against them if they are in the wrong.

Now I am hoping that the season does not become one when we are looking back and saying this penalty or that one cost the team promotion. It is a small part of the game but in key matches now the importance of getting these decisions right is paramount as they are not going to even themselves out with just two games to go.

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