Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Has it sunk in yet? AFC BOURNEMOUTH Premeir League!

The 'glitterary' as Jeff Mostyn calls them are going to be well aware of what AFC Bournemouth have achieved and will not be handing out any special favours when AFC Bournemouth take their place in the Premier League. Jeff was very excited and believes that the calmness of Eddie Howe and the team stopped the team from imploding during the run-in and now they will have to turn that Great Escape spirit that has served the club so well in the past into a Dean Court fortress that is capable of withstanding some of the world's best players when they come visiting from next August.
It was a great atmosphere at Dean Court with inflatables and red and black colours.
There might be plans in place for alterations to the stadium and we may not like everything about the new level where AFCB are going to be plying their trade, but to increase your turnover from £4m to somewhere near £120m in a season in going to have a massive impact on just about everything associated with the club and fans are just another factor who will have to get their heads around that very quickly.

AFCB is lucky that it does have a manager who will plot a clear course through the media hazards and other difficulties on the pitch that the club have yet to face. It won't be at all easy, but this club never knows the meaning of easy. Graft, passion and a love of football can carry AFCB a long way and now they have a fair bit of talent as well on their books.

When the players step out next time at Dean Court in a league fixture it will be a different outlook that everyone will probably need to have. AFCB deserve to be where they are headed and with the tools they have it will be our pleasure to see them take on clubs that have some big advantages, but many that will find the Cherries well capable of raising their profile and their standard of play yet another level - that is the goal now and it is going to be very special to see how the club now evolves.

Tomorrow we have the first of two Rival Lines and Cherry Chimes seeks to Dr Kish find out what were the problems with Charlton releasing more seats to AFCB fans for the match on Saturday - all is revealed!

I have also put a number of the latest reaction videos up on the sidebar pannel as Sky Sports interviewed Jeff Mostyn, Eddie Howe and Matt Ritchie outside the ground yesterday - enjoy!

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