Monday, 13 April 2015

The Cherries are doing what they need to

All you can do is win your games at this point. AFCB are doing that and with their great goal difference as well it is going to become harder and harder for the other teams to catch them in this final sequence of games if the Cherries keep on dong the right things at the right times. I do hope that the players don't pay too much attention to what the other teams are doing and that they maybe even decline the odd media interview if it means the difference between having their head in the right place or not at this crucial stage. 
AFCB players come out onto the pitch at Brighton.
If anyone is anxious about the games now I think it is the supporters rather than the players. I liked the way Jeff Mostyn showed his match preparation before the Cardiff game and how even club chairmen don't find it easy to calm the nerves before these big games. From the outside as fans we can see how much it means to the players and we know ourselves what it means to us and it is something very special when you can share this same dream with so many other people.

It is easy to say just go with the flow and enjoy it but I think I have become more superstitious in my time in following the team this season as the prize is much bigger than in any other season that I have been following the club. I am not sure how Tommy Elphick keeps carrying out the same match routine but it becomes almost automatic and I see myself doing the same things as I did last week when the nervous tension was growing.

What has helped is all this changing of kick off times, but it does not seem to have a bad affect on the team I am pleased to say. They just get down to the business of winning football games and after the Brighton match I saw for the first time the players really smiling and believing that they are nearly there now. They are where they want to be and they are sitting more comfortably at the top of the league in my opinion whether it happens to be by goal difference a point or several points - they are starting to like being there. I am rather liking them being there too!

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