Sunday, 26 April 2015

Big players must come to the fore now

Big games call for big players. AFCB may not be a team of big named players to outsiders but there are some members of the team who are the ones who others look to when they need a boost and pick me up. I have already talked about Tommy Elphick this past week and it was also great to see Elliott Ward get a few minutes against Sheffield, but it is the midfield area where I mainly see the team looking for big games as it is the engine room of the team.

Can Harry get another special goal?
That means Andrew Surman and Harry Arter in particular. Surman has been a steady influence on the team this season and against Brighton, Reading and Sheffield Wednesday he was very consistent and a strong presence.While he has not forged a goal out for himself of late he may well be the player that puts away a crucial goal for the Cherries.

Harry Arter has been spectacular all season.While he has shown his frustration on occasion of late he has managed to slow the rate of yellow cards and he has been playing balls up the channels for Wilson with great regularity. Getting AFCB on the front foot is Harry's strength and as soon as he hit his big shot at the end of the first half against Chris Kirkland you sensed that that was it the Cherries will get going now.

So if Andrew and Harry can get on the ball and start influencing the game against Bolton early I am going to be expecting AFCB to come out on top in this vital game. The results on Saturday have given AFCB a tremendous opportunity to clinch promotion and I am really hoping that they can do it this next game.
Andrew Surman must help the team now.
Surman is the team's calming influence.

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