Thursday, 23 April 2015

Cherries would add colour and entertainment to top tier

There will be those who look down on AFCB's charge up the leagues and frown about hearing how many tickets there will be available for away supporters for a Premier League fixture if that is where the Cherries are next season. What many will not know is that this Bournemouth team that would compete in the Premier League and not be simply an add-on to the fixture list. Eddie Howe may well not have fulfilled his full potential yet, just like this side of his and who is to say that he can't do what Nigel Clough did and take his team to further honours and even into Europe.

Could AFCB's players be running out Premier League grounds next season?
Impossible? Well, anything is possible at AFCB - you should know that by now. What we can say is that AFCB wouldn't fear being in a new league and will always take the game to the opposition no matter who they face. It's been that way for as long as I can remember and when we had the visit of Real Madrid I thought well the teams don't get any more frightening than this. AFCB know what levels they have to reach to be competitive in the top tier and it is simply another exciting challenge that hopefully lays ahead for Eddie and his staff.

It should not be a great surprise that AFCB are at this level though as the club has been run extremely well for the past few years and with such a stable footing and clear growth plan everyone has been on an upward trajectory which at some point was going to lead them to the Championship and perhaps beyond. The day might come a bit sooner than many would have forecast and yet if the club is better than the other 70 teams that are fighting to reach the top tier then those clubs have to recognise that AFCB have done some things right and better than them. You don't fluke your way to the top.

The kind of football that Eddie Howe plays though is something that I would look forward to against the bigger names in English football. AFCB pass and they pass well and it will be a delight to see the players keep possession against some great named teams. History does not stand still and AFCB can create new pages from here on in. I must confess I don't see a lot of Premier League football as lower league football is always where AFCB has been. It may come as more of a culture shock to some of us fans than it does to the club if things go write in the next two games. The club itself has been as professional as any club in recent years and it's ready to step up. Look out Match of the Day - you might not have seen anything quite like this south coast team before - we're on our way!

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