Monday, 13 April 2015

Kermorgant makes scoring an art form

I can look back at this season and pick out some amazing moments when AFCB players did some spectacular things. One of those moments was certainly Yann's goal against Brighton at the Amex which broke the deadlock. It was the context of the goal in a match that was heading towards a possible draw and the setting of the goal in that period of the game when it was on a knife-edge that made it almost the perfect moment for a painting or a freeze frame.
Yann has raced up to 16 goals this season now.
Yann Kermorgant was poised waiting and thinking for quite some time. Matt Ritchie looked just as keen to want the strike but the Frenchman clearly knew that he could craft his kick perfectly over the wall to beat Stockdale and that all he had to do was execute what he does in training. It was by no means a simple free kick and yet I heard after the match that Smudge (Adam Smith) was confident that it would be a goal before Yann struck the ball. He has probably seen Yann score from that position over and over again, but to do it in such a big game and knowing that it could be the only chance to score in such a tight game means that Yann faced the kick with a lot of courage.

There was another Frenchman who played in red for a top English team in what must be about a decade now who had great stature about him - Eric Cantona. Yann may not yet have played in the topflight for Bournemouth but he has that same delivery of the ball in his gentle sweeping motion of his shots that almost caresses the ball into the top corner. I am sure Yann would love to be thought of in just the same sentence of Eric Cantona, but for AFCB fans he is 'Yanndabbiedosie!' if you like. Just a great footballer that has added quality and vision to the team in the last third and when he was signed from Charlton how many of us really believed who would go on to become such an important player in this team?  

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