Monday, 27 April 2015

Come on Cherries - step up to the Premier League!

Well, the day of reckoning is here now for the Cherries now. The team needs to perform against Bolton Wanderers to keep in with a final day chance to win promotion and perhaps the title. It is hard on the players and club and all the fans that it is so close at this late stage and that some teams will find themselves in the play-offs but AFCB should not play with fear. Fear just is not knowing and not having a plan and no AFCB side of Eddie Howe's has ever shied away from a challenge.
This is what the team has been working towards - three more points please.  
I am hoping that someone rattles off a few names to the past players who wore Red & Black before they go on that field and remind them of where this club has been for most of its history. Us fans all have our past favourites but this is a chance for this generation to remember a team as a whole and a winning team that made the name AFC Bournemouth one that was not only respected but known for its expansive passing and flowing football. Over the years we have seen some exhilarating moments and some spectacular goals, but I don't think anything could prepare fans for where we want the team to be after tonight's match against Bolton.

Matt Ritchie's celebration after his goal against Sheffield Wednesday was just a taster. AFCB fans have the passion and the energy to raise the roof of Dean Court and such a night is what this team deserves as it has been magnificent in every area. We have to try and help the team play like we know it can to win the game and make it a night to remember. There is unlikely to be too many second chances. But this team can put both feet in the Premier League tonight with a home send off which would make November 5th seem like a quiet night - bring  your voices and your passion.

Let's ensure that "The Reds are Going Up!"

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