Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Breaking down teams is a challenge AFCB should relish

Bournemouth know that some teams will bring clever strategies to Dean Court in an attempt to win games. Blackburn played a high pressing game to stop AFCB playing out from the back while Bolton lined up by parking the bus and looking for one or two opportunities on the break when the Cherries over committed going forward.

Creating chances has not been a major obstacle this season
 but tucking the chances away needs to be improved on.
It is up to AFCB though to come up with ways of breaking down such teams at home and they are finding this hard to do. In the Millwall home game AFCB were luckier in getting a spark from Ryan Fraser's goal before half time which gave them something to build on, but in the Bolton fixture there was little to grab hold of in terms of encouragement and the performance again seemed to effect the home crowd that was fairly quiet for large parts of the game which is uncharacteristic for a Bournemouth crowd.

Eddie Howe remarked that we need to feel that we are the underdog to get that ground swell of support behind the team. As soon as we expect the team to do well their is a quietness around Dean Court, which does not help the players.

It is our creative players though that have to get on the ball and try and give us something to shout about. If our players are not working the opposition's goalkeeper then AFCB will not be encouraging the crowd and that was really evident in the last game. 

Penetrating the opposition's 18 yard box is also something that the Cherries are going to have to work on. I had hoped to see Ryan Fraser slip in to those areas with his running, but Pugh and Fraser had few chances to get a shot off in dangerous areas against Bolton. 

Pugh couldn't make it three goals in a row
but here's hoping for next time.
Chances may be at even more of a premium against Burnley so our creative players are going to have to do a lot of defending as well as try to fashion an opportunity for AFCB to score. Steve Cook mention how it is not easy when the opposition flood their box with defenders but you have to make your own luck by moving the ball around quickly and by making good runs. Then AFCB need to find the final ball which has been lacking in some of their play. 

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