Saturday, 23 November 2013

It's match day - come on you Cherries!

I should be getting used to travelling down to watch AFCB against top Championship sides by now. Today it is Derby County who are the visitors. To all those Premiership followers I suppose this would seem a minor match, but for me like lots of AFCB supporters this is the kind of day I could only dream about last season and it was not looking promising when we went on that five game losing run last season when we had got up to top spot.

I wonder now whether some of us need a bit more of a gee up for the home games. Just listening to Harry Redknapp's interview on Cherries player this week reminded me of just how far the club has come. We should not take such matches in the Championship for granted as the team has worked so hard to get to play these teams. While I will be keen to see what qualities Derby Country have, I will also be looking to see whether AFCB players are really settling into the Championship now. I can't think of many harder tests at home than this.

Having not seen any football for a couple of weeks I suspect that many AFCB fans will find the weather a bit unsavoury this afternoon. Wrap up warm is what I say. I get the feeling that soup sales could be high today.

The Cherries did not get a win after the last international break when we played Blackpool, but let's see if we can help the team get three points. Cheer on the team. It may be cold but AFCB still need to hear you! 

I expect another packed house today.
Safe trip to all those travelling to the game - there are a lot of us exiles and up to 1400 Derby fans I understand!

You will find Derby County blog features some of my thoughts on questions that Ollie Wright put to Cherry Chimes ahead of the game - just visit Derby County Blog.

I also feature Ollie's answers on Rival Lines if you want to find out more about the Derby squad.


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