Sunday, 17 November 2013

Is Grabban the best of AFCB's strikers?

It was out of the blue that news came last week that Lewis Grabban had signed an extension on his contract taking him through to June 2016 at AFCB. It has come at a good time for him because he is the club's current leading scorer and has proved that he can cut it at the Championship level. There may well have been clubs that would have been keen to take an interest in the former Millwall and Rotherham striker had he not signed a longer contract before January.

That Lewis wants to remain at the Cherries and continue developing under Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall is great news for the club and the fans. It is always good news to see someone in form and keen to stay and improve.

Lewis Grabban is signed up for a few more seasons now at AFCB.

While Brett Pitman was without doubt the forward who was talked of as AFCB's best forward last season, there is a bit of a question mark over who might score the most goals this season. Both Brett and Tokelo have different qualities and I fell that Wes Thomas is the most similar striker to Lewis at the club. That perhaps makes it a bit harder for Wes to get much playing time although you never know when an opportunity will come along.

Grabban is developing but I see him as having been one of AFCB's best players this season even without his goals. He is always willing to come deep to retrieve the ball and he has been doing well at winning the ball and anticipating chances. The second goal against Charlton I think has been his best goal of late, but there were important ones against Millwall, and Wigan in particular which led to wins and continued to build his confidence. He has has a few games of late when he has not got on the score sheet and his contract extension may give him the spur he needs to try and get back his high strike rate. I would like to see how many shots on target Lewis has had this season, but I expect it would be the highest in the team.

Messers, Rantie, Pitman and Thomas have to get scoring if they are going to challenge Lewis for the top goalscorer this season. 

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  1. Grabban 36 shots, 8 saved, 8 blocked, 12 off target, 7 goals, 1 time woodwork.
    Pitman 22 shots, 3 saved, 5 blocked, 9 off target, 4 goals, 1 time woodwork.
    Rantie 12 shots, 3 saved, 4 blocked, 4 off target, 1 goal.
    Arter 13 shots, 0 saved, 6 blocked, 6 off target, 1 goal.