Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Positive keeping from Lee Camp

The pressure on Lee Camp to perform well must have been huge on Saturday in his home debut for Bournemouth. He added a definite air of confidence at the back and I thought he had a pretty good game, even if he will feel disappointed not to have kept a clean sheet.

Lee acted with all the signs of a confident keeper against Bolton.
Lee may have to do less kicking in future games and
 concentrate on quick throw out releases from the back.
Lee made a positive start by being organised and marshalling players when he had possession. He did not worry about being closed down and always seemed to have time to make decisions. The first half also saw him make a good one handed save from a Alex Baptiste. He was not so fortunate with the first goal when he had come out to try and slow Ngog. This did force Ngog wide but the finish was one of quality, even if it was agonising for AFCB fans to see it creep across the line.

With the wind at full strength there was one wayward kick from Camp in the first half but for the most part he kicked well up to Francis and Pugh. I suspect that Eddie will want him to roll the ball out more in future games and build from the back, but when Lee saw this was not on in the game he did not waste too much time in making a decision, which all inspired confidence in him.

The second goal was a bit unfortunate for Francis in that the ball could easily have come off him and gone safe, but such was the luck that the shot gave Lee Camp no chance when it cannoned off of Francis boot. By that time most of the home supporters were already making their way out of the ground. From what I saw of Lee Camp though I was more than pleased and hope that he can do even better in the games to come. 

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  1. Personally didn't think he looked any better than Rocky! It's easy to blame the keeper when the teams conceding so many goals. I've been to all the games this season and in my opinion Ryan was to blame for the second goal at Leicester all the others were down to defensive errors.