Monday, 11 November 2013

Should AFCB have closed out the game at Turf Moor?

It's easy to criticise your team when they don't get all three points but I think it is unfair to feel that AFCB should have held out to claim the win against a fired up Burnley team. In fact, it probably does not give enough credit to the Clarets who were always in the game and had several opportunities to score during the game.

The impressive thing is that it took until the last 10 minutes for Burnley to finally get a goal against a team that had been leaking goals especially away from home. A few more results like this and AFCB will nolonger be thought of as a team that in Eddie Howe's words "has a soft under belly".

I thought that in both the Forest and Leicester games that Bournemouth played very well away from home and there were signs that they would give Burnley more than one or two problems. People perhaps concentrated too much on their failure at home against Bolton to think that AFCB would give Burnley a difficult match. The work on the training ground though is coming off and if AFCB can build on this we will soon see an away win against one of the top sides.

While a win at Turf Moor would have been great it may have left the Cherries coming away thinking that they had reached the level that they need to when playing away. But the late equaliser will make them see that they can still do better still and it should give them encouragement to strive for further improvement. I am hoping that they keep that hunger until well after the international break when they can take it out on a Derby County team that again will be no easy match.


  1. Having been at the game the whole team gave blood for that result. Yeah it would have been great to have held out for three points but this would have been a great result if we had been going there in the top six. Remember QPR got beat there last time out . The team were fantastic and their effort made me feel exhausted. Great performance and let's congratulate the club on their sponsorship of the free coaches. Thank you for a great day out and I was there to see tokelo's first goal. Also got to say the drink with the Burnleyl lad's in the cricket club was great, and looking forward to meeting them in the return for a pint and a night out, if you're reading this lads.

  2. I have to admit it was very generous for the Vitals website to sponsor the away travel to the game. I am sure it made a big difference - 10 coaches! Fantastic. The team's performance was extremely good and I only hope they can keep that level of application up, because they will climb the league if they put in performances like that regularly.